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Discover the pulse of MAISHA with MAISHA Live! , where we unveil the latest updates on our journey.

MAISHA Dance live stream update: watch the recorded show

Experience the enchanting and dynamic performance that captivated a nearly full Adwa Victory Memorial.

Don’t miss this opportunity to witness the artistry and cultural richness of the MAISHA Dance event.

What is MAISHA?

MAISHA is an European Union-African Union joint initiative, it started in 2019 as MAISHA Music, a two-week residency in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, when 12 talented musicians from Africa and Europe, with different backgrounds & instruments, were brought together to collaborate and co-create original musical pieces.

The initiative was a great success and prompted calls for follow-up, be it through different forms of art.

With MAISHA Dance in the pipeline, and more different art forms to follow (Fashion, Street Art, Painting, Photography, Cuisine, Cinema and Theatre), MAISHA is more than just an event. MAISHA is now truly turning itself into a culture.

The success of MAISHA Music was just the beginning. With other art forms to follow soon, MAISHA is evolving beyond an event into a vibrant culture.

The MAISHA impact

Explore heartfelt testimonials from the MAISHA Dance edition artists that showcase how the MAISHA experience has not only enriched their lives but also fostered meaningful connections between Europe and Africa – an embodiment of partnership, unity, and artistic expression transcending geographical boundaries.

MAISHA is a dynamic cultural movement, uniting diverse art forms to foster collaboration and celebrate the rich tapestry of human expression.


Each new art form marks a distinctive edition in MAISHA’s cultural journey. Explore the evolving chapters of artistic expression, with more exciting editions to follow.


After the enormous success achieved, MAISHA is being continued and re-invented, keeping the same co-creating philosophy. MAISHA MUSIC hands off the relay to MAISHA DANCE.

The artistic director, choreographers, and dancers are presently in residency in Addis Ababa, working diligently on crafting a performance set to debut on May 25, 2024.



MAISHA started as a musical journey. Responding to an open call for applicants, 12 talented artists from Africa and Europe, with different backgrounds & instruments, were selected from 300 applicants to become musical partners through a 2-week residency programme in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa.


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Discover the heartbeat of MAISHA through our extensive media library, featuring a rich collection of videos, photos, audio files and press articles covering the MAISHA Music edition. 

MAISHA Dance edition

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MAISHA Music edition

MAISHA Music video gallery
MAISHA Music photo gallery
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